The Teaching Genome Assessment: Your tool for uncovering your teaching style and guiding your own development.

Take this 40 question assessment and get a 16-page report that reveals important patterns in your teaching.

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What can the Teaching Genome Assessment Do?

With Your TGA Report You Will...

  • Know Thyself

    We determine your style in each of 8 different aspects of your teaching. And the report isn’t just either/or with styles, we give you a percentage breakdown of how your behaviors align with each style.

  • Compare Your Intents Vs. Actions

    See if what you think matches what you do. We give you insight into how your beliefs compare with what you actually DO in the classroom.

  • Go From Reflection to Improvement

    The TGA gives you descriptions of actions associated with each style that can help you develop a vision for improvement. We also provide links to resources and PD providers that align to each style!

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Get the Teaching Genome Assessment for $14.99

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