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What is the Teaching Genome?

  • Relevant: We use teaching scenarios to better understand your perspective on teaching
  • Realistic: We use question technology that recognizes that people are a mix of styles not just either/or.
  • Revealing: We ask questions to help you understand your approach to management, planning, assessment, etc.
  • Respectful: We help you understand your style, not make judgments.

Our Story

We really wanted to help teachers talk about instruction and get better faster. Find out more here.

Customer Testimonials

"This is going to change the way I coach my PLC's tomorrow!"
-- High School Instructional Coach, October 2014

Our Clients

  • Chelsea High School - Chelsea, MA
  • Lawrence Public Schools - Lawrence, MA
  • TFA-Louisiana Delta - Talullah, LA
  • Westwood High School - Westwood, MA

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